The Freakflops Story

Our colourful, eco-friendly products come from beautiful Costa Rica. They've been created to celebrate the natural exotic beauty of this blissful slice of paradise, and to give something back to the land and its people.


But how did we get here?

Mariano & Dani

A New Start

Inspired by a holiday in Costa Rica, Brazilian city-dwellers Mariano and Dani decided to give up everything and start a brave new life.

We didn't plan to leave Sao Paulo, nor did we plan to live anywhere else, but after a twenty day vacation in Costa Rica we went crazy - we fell in love. We decided to leave Sao Paulo and start a new life. La pura vida!


To celebrate the vivid colours of the country they fell in love with, Mariano and Dani created Freakflops - despite never having made a flip flop in their life! From the outset, their little company was committed to making eco-friendly, handmade products that share the spirit of Costa Rica. Naturally, a social conscience is at the heart of the company's ethos. A fair day's wage for a fair day's work is Mariano and Dani's motto, and it will always be.

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To this day, every Freakflop product is handmade with local pride and carefully crafted to ensure that you can wear it with pride too.

But how did they end up in the UK?


Louise & Chrissie

Flip Flops Green Theme
Flip Flops Green Theme
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A UK Exclusive

Chrissie fell head-over-heels for Freakflops during a family holiday in Costa Rica.

I couldn't believe no one was bringing these stunning eco-friendly, socially conscious flip flops to the UK. I knew Louise would love them as much as I did, so I sent her some pictures... 


I instantly knew we had to bring them to the UK and we immediately made plans to make it happen! We've been sharing the Freakflops love ever since.


When you place an order with us, it is packed in 100% recyclable material and sent with the care and attention that only a small team can bring. And we're always happy to answer any queries you might have. Our aim is to share a slice of 'pura vida' with as many people as possible, so we hope you'll join us and... 


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